Four Ways an Unlimited Vacation Policy Strengthens a Business

I’m often asked about my take on unlimited vacation policy, and whether or not I believe that such a policy is good for business. By definition, an unlimited vacation policy, also referred to as Unlimited Paid Time Off (unlimited PTO), means that the company in question allows its employees to take as many paid days… Read More

Mentorship Matters: An Interview with Sonny Balani, CEO of Balani Custom Clothiers

We’re Celebrating Small Business Saturday with Sonny Balani, CEO of Balani Customer Clothiers. Adam and Sonny discuss mentorship, when to hire a President, a rapidly expanding business, and core values on this week’s episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.                Follow Balani Custom Clothiers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,… Read More

Invest in Your Team: An Interview with Ciara Stockeland, Founder and CEO of MODE

Our Entrepreneurship Week celebration final guest is Ciara Stockeland, CEO and Founder of MODE, an innovative franchise concept out of North Dakota. She speaks with Adam about how her business has changed, how important it is to invest in your team, and what 2017 looks like for her and MODE.              … Read More

Transitioning to a Self-Managed Organization: An Interview with Tim Heitmann, CEO of Double Good (Formerly Popcorn Palace)

We’re celebrating Entrepreneurship Week with Tim Heitmann, CEO of Double Good (formerly Popcorn Palace). Tim talks to Adam about how his business has changed over time and how his company is moving to a self-managed organizational structure.               Follow Double Good on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Connect with Tim on LinkedIn.      … Read More