The Best Team Wins Podcast Episode 26: Josh York

Josh York is the Founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, one of the top 100 fastest growing franchises according to Entrepreneur magazine. 

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Show notes:

1:08 – Highlights at GYMGUYZ in the last year

2:10 – Josh starts the podcast off on the right foot

4:00 – What is GYMGUYZ?

6:16 – How Josh got his start and his philosophy on stories

8:13 – Where did you learn how to hire?

8:47 – The importance of culture

9:22 – How Josh knows if someone is the right fit for the company and the GYMGUYZ core values

10:33 – Favorite interview question

12:20 – The greatest challenge the leadership team at GYMGUYZ has faced

13:11 – The most important quality for a leader to have: attitude

14:48 – How do you screen for attitude?

16:18 – Where did your core values come from?

18:45 – What happens when you hire for skill over attitude

20:17 – The GYMGUYZ philosophy around rewards and recognition

21:07 – Josh and Adam on trusting your employees

23:02 – What could you improve on the people side of your business?

24:32 –  Josh and Adam discuss the best book they’ve ever read

26:29 – Greatest challenge Josh is facing in the next year