New Podcast: Why Leadership Transparency and Passion Are Critical to Franchising Success

Susan Beth, Chief Operating Officer at NRD Capital, joined the podcast to discuss her experience as a franchisee, franchisor and on the private equity side of franchising. Susan touched on key criteria she looks for when investing in franchise businesses, including transparency, a clear direction on what will happen going forward, strong leadership and a… Read More

This Week on Inc.: Top Performers Are The Most Likely Employees to Face Burnout. Here’s How to Prevent It

Recent data found that 20 percent of highly-engaged employees have faced burnout. Many businesses don’t recognize the signs of employee burnout, which can cause top performers to be physically and mentally drained, and cause productivity to take a hit as a result. Does your team have a strategy in place to prevent burnout? Read my… Read More

TBTW Podcast Highlight: Graceful Leave Policy: An Interview with Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision

We’re taking a break from the podcast this week but sharing one of our most popular podcasts. Amanda Lannert is the CEO of Jellyvision, a company widely known and respected as an employer of choice due to their innovative people practices, one of which is their “Graceful Leave Policy.” On this episode of The Best… Read More