Increase Your Team’s Visibility Quotient to Drive Employee Retention

One of the critical components of creating an engaged, high-retention workforce is visibility. I use the term to explain the degree to which the employee base has access to the information they need to determine whether or not the company is doing well. Let’s call that your company’s Visibility Quotient. To increase your Visibility Quotient,… Read More

Hire Great People and Get Out of The Way: An Interview with Ken Voelker, CEO of Mighty Auto Parts

Ken Voelker has been CEO and President of Mighty Auto Parts for almost 25 years and has seen the company through two transactions. His greatest challenge in the next year is planning for succession and preparing Mighty for the next set of great leaders. I’m excited to share with you this episode of The Best Team… Read More

Your CEO Doesn’t Care About Culture. Now What?

One of the most frequently-asked audience questions I receive is, “What can I do to build my team’s culture when my CEO doesn’t care, or doesn’t make positive culture-building a priority?” In answering that question, I always start by reminding my audience that a CEO who cares little for building a positive workplace culture is… Read More

Building a Culture-First, Mission-Driven Organization with Eric Savage, President and Owner of Freedom Auto

Eric Savage, President of Freedom Automotive out of Pennsylvania, joins me on the podcast this week for our deep-dive into the people side of retail automotive. Eric tours the country talking to folks about building a company that is mission-first, not money-first. He’s discussing how he’s built his renowned company culture on this episode of… Read More

“Working at a start-up is grit and personal growth.” – Kristi Zuhlke, CEO and Founder of KnowledgeHound

Kristi Zuhlke, CEO and Founder of KnowledgeHound, is  discussing leadership team inflation, managers vs. doers, what it’s really like to work at a start-up, and much more on this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.                Connect with Kristi on LinkedIn and Twitter.                … Read More