Culture Fit is Key: An Interview with Stuart Frankel, Co-founder and CEO of Narrative Science, an Artificial Intelligence company

Stuart Frankel, CEO and Co-Founder of Narrative Science, has been a lawyer, a CPA, a CIO, a CFO, a COO and now a CEO for many companies in many different industries throughout his career. Stuart has a wealth of knowledge around the growing pains of high-growth companies and how to scale teams, and in this… Read More

Your Robot Overlord Says You’re Fired

In the midst of absorbing all of the holiday cheer, I was alerted to this blast of good news from The Guardian: World’s largest hedge fund to replace managers with artificial intelligence Bridgewater Associates has a team of engineers working on a project to automate decision-making to save time and eliminate human emotional volatility The… Read More

Hire for Culture Fit over Intelligence: An Interview with Mike Maddock, author and CEO of Maddock Douglas

Mike Maddock, author and CEO of Maddock Douglas, is featured on the podcast today. Adam and Mike are celebrating Entrepreneurship Week and talking about core values, innovation, and Mike’s new book.                                                     … Read More