“People do business with people they like.” – Patrick Tannous, Tiesta Tea Co-Founder and President

Listen to this episode on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. You can also download this episode directly by clicking here.   Adam: All right. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the best team wins podcast. Where we feature entrepreneurs and business leaders whose exceptional approach to the people side of their business, has led to incredible… Read More

Five Critical Components of an Employer Value Proposition

When I talk with managers who are frustrated by their company’s inability to attract quality applicants, they often begin the conversation with an acknowledgement that there isn’t enough qualified talent out there to fill all the jobs. True, but that’s something wholly out of their control in the short term.  What can they do, I… Read More

Four Ways an Unlimited Vacation Policy Strengthens a Business

I’m often asked about my take on unlimited vacation policy, and whether or not I believe that such a policy is good for business. By definition, an unlimited vacation policy, also referred to as Unlimited Paid Time Off (unlimited PTO), means that the company in question allows its employees to take as many paid days… Read More