Emotional Intelligence and The Entrepreneurial Operating System with Dan Heuertz, Serial Entrepreneur

This week, on The Best Team Wins Podcast, we’re talking about getting the people side of your business right through the Entrepreneurial Operating System and emotional intelligence with Dan Heuertz, serial entrepreneur and consultant.                                            … Read More

Flat Organizations and Sales Management: An Interview with Clancy Ryan, CRO of Punchkick Interactive

Popularized by Zappos and Tony Hsieh, many organizations are following suit and transitioning over to a flat organizational structure. We’re discussing this and and sales management with Clancy Ryan, CRO of Punchkick Interactive and Director of the Sales Leadership Center at Chicago’s DePaul University, on this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.        … Read More

The Performance Review is Dead – A Podcast with the Founders of Fizz

The founders of Fizz, Jennifer Shoop, COO, and Landon Shoop, CEO, discuss why the performance review is dead, millennials and other generations attitude towards the workplace, and how they split duties as a husband and wife team on this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.                Connect with Fizz… Read More

How to Create a Compensation Philosophy

Creating a cohesive Compensation Philosophy is one of the most important things that the leadership team can do as they work to create the culture of the company.  Developing a compensation philosophy is similar to defining your company’s core values; it outlines your beliefs about pay, equity and benefit plans.  Just as your core values… Read More