New Podcast: Why You Need to Focus on People Strategy to Scale Your Business

Lukas Krause, CEO of Real Property Management, joined the podcast to share how he’s helped his business scale by focusing on continuously improving the people strategy – including hiring the right people for the right roles and ensuring all employees are culture fits. Connect with Lukas on LinkedIn. Follow Real Property Management on LinkedIn and Twitter.  … Read More

New Podcast: How Your Business Can Avoid the Risks of Under Management

Bruce Tulgan, Founder, Consultant and Speaker at Rainmaker Thinking, joined the podcast this week to discuss how detrimental under management can be to any business, and the importance of structured onboarding, meetings and employee feedback. Connect with Bruce on LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow Rainmaker Thinking on LinkedIn.                  … Read More

This Week on Inc.: This Interview Strategy is a Waste of Time – Here’s What to Do Instead

Imagine landing an interview at your career-defining dream company and after an entire night of interview prep, the first question you’re asked is, “If you were a sports car, what color would you be?” Can this question really tell if you are the right person for the role? Spoiler alert: it can’t. See why this… Read More