The Best This Week for June 8

Strong positive action in the financial markets this week resulted from continued acceleration of job and wage growth here in the US.  Unemployment claims dropped unexpectedly, proving what most business owners already know: the labor market is insanely tight. I’m a big Ray Dalio fan; this entrepreneur started runs Bridgewater Associates, now the largest hedge… Read More

My latest Inc. Column – What Drives Employee Engagement?

In this week’s Inc. column, I dig into Aon’s 2018 Trends In Global Employee Engagement report, and talk about the single, most important thing that employers can do to drive employee engagement. Hint: it’s not pay, and it’s not benefits. (It’s the reason I’ve hand-written anniversary notes to our team members for years!) I’d love to hear your… Read More

Working Together to Solve Challenging Problems

Jared Schrieber, CEO and Co-Founder of InfoScout, looks for candidates that love to solve challenging problems in a collaborative environment by giving them problems to solve during the interview process. This became part of the InfoScount hiring process only after their team learned from hiring mistakes made early in the company’s history. Learn from Jared… Read More