New Inc. Post: Don’t Have a Skills Training Program for Your Employees? New Study Shows That’s a Big Mistake

More than half of employers (54 percent) surveyed in a recent Deloitte study indicated they have no programs in place to build employees’ skills for the future. This is leading to less traditional career paths and internal promotions being decided by tenure, title and internal politics. As a result, many employees are frustrated. Read my… Read More

New Podcast: Scaling Your Hiring and Business Operations for Long-Term Success

This week, Bob Glazer, founder and CEO at Acceleration Partners, joined me on the podcast. Bob was recently named #2 on Glassdoor’s Highest-Rated CEOs list, has an email newsletter called “Friday Forward” with more than 35,000 subscribers, and is the author of the book Performance Partnerships. In this episode, Bob shares best practices for how… Read More

This Week on Inc.: According to Deloitte, This 1 Type of Data Is Critical to Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

We have a bonus second Inc. post to share this week! Recent data from Deloitte found that 84 percent of business leaders surveyed view people analytics as important or very important, making it one of the top trends in human capital management. Learn how your team can embrace people analytics to improve your productivity and… Read More

This Week on Inc.: Top Performers Are The Most Likely Employees to Face Burnout. Here’s How to Prevent It

Recent data found that 20 percent of highly-engaged employees have faced burnout. Many businesses don’t recognize the signs of employee burnout, which can cause top performers to be physically and mentally drained, and cause productivity to take a hit as a result. Does your team have a strategy in place to prevent burnout? Read my… Read More