The Best This Week for June 8

Strong positive action in the financial markets this week resulted from continued acceleration of job and wage growth here in the US.  Unemployment claims dropped unexpectedly, proving what most business owners already know: the labor market is insanely tight. I’m a big Ray Dalio fan; this entrepreneur started runs Bridgewater Associates, now the largest hedge… Read More

Flat Organizations and Sales Management: An Interview with Clancy Ryan, CRO of Punchkick Interactive

Popularized by Zappos and Tony Hsieh, many organizations are following suit and transitioning over to a flat organizational structure. We’re discussing this and and sales management with Clancy Ryan, CRO of Punchkick Interactive and Director of the Sales Leadership Center at Chicago’s DePaul University, on this episode of The Best Team Wins Podcast.        … Read More

Sales Compensation and New Interview Methods: An Interview with Max Lowenbaum, VP of Sales at Hireology

Max Lowenbaum, VP of Sales at Hireology and former Sales Leader at high-growth Groupon, joins  The Best Team Wins Podcast to talk about sales leadership, compensation plans, and role-playing as an interview style.                 Follow Hireology on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.              … Read More

Don’t Promote Your Top Salesperson to Be Your Sales Manager

In most companies, the leader of the sales organization was most likely one of the top-performing sales reps prior to getting promoted. When the founder or CEO decides to create a sales leadership role in the company, it’s typically to help them scale the business: they need someone — other than themselves — to hire,… Read More